Learn About CBD & How History Used Hemp

 Hemp and CBD have an ancient history. In recent years, hemp has hit the mainstream; however, it outdates much of modern civilization. In fact, the oldest recorded use of hemp goes back over 10,000 years in the region now known as Taiwan. 

CBD Oil 4000mg Most people have heard of Marijuana, but not everyone is familiar with the hemp plant. 

Hemp is a species of cannabis, and closely related to marijuana. However, a highly important distinction is necessary: unlike marijuana, neither hemp nor CBD is psychoactive. This means the consumption of CBD and hemp does not get you high. 

Consequently, there’s been a growing interest in the health benefits purported by CBD use in recent years, leading to something of a boom in products containing cannabidiol – a compound from the cannabis plant which doesn’t produce a ‘high’ like its THC counterpart – and on the market today you can find anything ranging from CBD-infused roll-ons, sprays and gummies to soft drinks, coffees and even bath salts!

Evidence in various medical journals have pointed towards cannabidiol potentially being effective in treating a range of ailments: anxiety, depression, PTSD, epilepsy, addiction, diabetes, arthritis, sleep disorder, chronic pain conditions, to name but a few. 

Another popular use for CBD is as a workout supplement, with studies suggesting that it can aid recovery by reducing muscle pain and inflammation, which is precisely how Newgen CBD owners Ash Dobbins and Louie Dubik were first introduced to the product. 

“I’d always experiment with alternative pain management methods through my boxing training,” says Ash. “I’m not really one for paracetamol, ibuprofen or sleeping pills. So, just over three years ago now, when we heard about the some of the positive feedback on CBD, Louie and I started experimenting in using it for recovery purposes.” 

“It didn’t take long for us to see the benefits. We were that impressed we’d start to buy the products for friends and family, and when they started to see the benefits too, we trusted it and began to create a brand. Newgen came to mind because it felt like a new generational discovery – even though it’s actually been around for thousands of years!” 

Since setting up the company in 2018, Newgen moved to new premises late last year, a quirky café/shop on Campo Lane where they sell a wide range of products – oils, gummies and muscle roll-ons – alongside superb coffees (available with or without CBD), bagels and bakes. 

Through building up a loyal customer base, they’ve heard first-hand feedback on the positive changes their products have brought to people’s lives – whether that’s mental health, physical ailments or sports recovery. The aim now is to spread the Newgen message further and continue to support healthy and active lifestyles. 

Ash explains: “I think CBD is still a little misunderstood. All our products are lab tested and we pride ourselves on the extensive research, testing and sampling that ensures we comply with all UK laws. We use our products personally and give them to our friends and family, so you can be assured they’re entirely safe! We’re passionate about this. The feedback we’ve had from customers has been phenomenal, telling us how the products have helped improves lives in a wide range of ways. We’re absolutely open to answering any questions people might have – that’s what we’re here for – but we’d also ask people to do their own research if they have any misgiving, as there’s plenty out there.”

First published in Sheffield’s Exposed guide February 2022

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